Welcome to GrantBeehler.net

Hello everyone! Welcome to Grantbeehler.net|DowntroddenInDC. I'm excited to see you made it here. Please take a look around, there is a lot to see! I've got a blog, DowntroddenInDC, where I post my general musings, funny videos and music I like. I also have a Houston Jobs Directory from when I moved down to Houston in 2010. I update it from time to time, and many people have found it useful. It's exactly what the name suggests, a directory of companies in or around Houston that have job openings or postings.

As always, I'm constantly updating and changing this website. The vision I had when I started GrantBeehler.net back in 2009 and the vision I have now in 2013, are completely different. This is the third or fourth iteration since I started GrantBeehler.net back in 2009. I'm sure it will go through several more iterations in the future.

Back in 2009 I was living in DC (right in Cleveland Park), thus the moniker 'DowntroddenInDC' and the DC Metro theme. Don't mistake that for me being incredibly morose or crestfallen. I'm actually a pretty optimistic person, but living in DC working as a civil servant at the time, was not the exciting or thrilling life I had hoped to live. I've since moved down to the great state of Texas, currently living right outside of Houston .

Take a look around, and let me know what you think. If you have great content (music, videos, photos) you'd like me to share, hit the contact button above. If you have a relevant link for the Houston Jobs Directory, let me know about that too. However, note I may not always be able to add everything that is submitted.