01-07-12 – Calm Morning

Got up early today. Nothing beats getting up early on the weekends. It makes the weekend last longer and I have this ability to sleep as little as five hours and still be active the other 19 hours of the day. So, I’ve got to maximize my weekends and take full advantage of the time off. Sleep steals from that!

This morning it’s eerily quiet outside. I mean I expect it to be quiet outside when I get up at 6am, but the water on the lake is extremely calm. Making it seem like it’s even more quiet outside some how. Also, there are a couple new sailboats outside our place. One it moored between the two ketches that have been there forever. Another is tied in at the dock, the dock which seems to fall apart a bit more each day.

I took a picture to show just how calm it is. The sky is crazy too. This weird fog that has been around all week and the very bright sun. It’s January and we’ve had to keep the AC going because it’s been getting into the 80’s. Totally beats several feet of snow!

Sailboats resting in calm water. The flag is calm, no movement in the air. Date palms rest gently. Nothing looks more calm than first thing in the morning.

Music below the fold:
The Hood Internet – All Of The Lights² (Ellie Goulding x Portland Cello Project x Kanye West)

The White Panda – Psynapse Like You

Radiohead – Little by little (Caribou remix)

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (Sound Remedy Remix)

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