01-08-12 – DowntroddenInDC’s Top Three Concerts in 2011

Other Considerations – There were definitely a few concerts I missed out on in 2011, Die Antwoord, Electric Six and Identity Festival w/ Pretty Lights being ones I had mentioned. All three had shitty timing. Die Antwoord and Electric Six were on a Monday and Tuesday night respectively. It’s hard to go out to a club and watch a band perform until 1am and still come out having enjoyed the show. I’ve done it a couple times and I always end up losing the mood once I’ve stood around for three hours waiting a band to come out. Identity Festival was in the middle of the day and was way up in the Woodlands. I work on a sailboat on the weekends as a deckhand and I wasn’t able to get there (and back) in time to see any of the bands. It was a big bummer.

Deadmaus was another concert that would have been awesome to have gone too. Tickets unfortunately were hard to come by and I had tickets for Chromeo that same night. Chromeo ended up sucking a lot live. It’s a regret for 2011, but looks like he’ll be back in 2012.

One of the concerts I was most excited about was Lil Wayne who performed at Cynthia Wood Pavilion on 9/11/11. I was super pumped up for the show and I don’t think it lived up to my expectations. For starters, it was on a Sunday, outdoors, 90 minutes from home in the Woodlands. Second, after watching 5 openers that I had never heard off, I was ready for some Wheezy. Instead, he came out and performed all of his new stuff that sounds like shitty R&B. Rick Ross was there. That guy is so fat he just sat and said ‘ugh’ into the mic every so often. The stages lights and pyrotechnics were cool, but not enough to keep me interested. I ended up living about halfway through his set. Sorry Wheezy, you sucked live.

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