01-09-12 – Found this Gem on StumbleUpon

British people and blatant racist stereotypes. I love it. The only thing that could make this better is ‘black face’. (I’m kidding that would be terrible – racism isn’t funny.) These guys are actually pretty good too. At first, I read ‘Will Pipe for Food’ on the sign and I thought the video was going to be about some weird song about hobos giving blowjobs or something for food. You just never know with the internets. I was happily surprised, that’s not the twist the video took. Oh and the song is called ‘We Play The Pipe’ and the band is by ‘Disco Rapido’.

Also, keep an eye on the one guy’s mustache, it continually accumulates tape to keep it on. Goes from the slightest amount of masking tape to full on packing tape. LOL

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