01-10-12 – Gotye – Someone I Used to Know (Ten Hands Acoustic Cover) (featuring ‘Hammy’)

This video was popping up all over the place last weekend. It’s a Gotye cover of the song ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ but done on an acoustic guitar with five people… I’ve dubbed it ‘Gotye – Someone I Used to Know (Ten Hands Acoustic Cover) Featuring Hammy’. The guy all the way to the far right, the one who looks like he has a day job as the Hamburglar’s assistant/sidekick (his friends call him ‘Hammy’), sort of creeps me out. What is ‘Hammy’ looking at over there? He never makes eye contact and only touches the guitar like once. Were they all sitting around and come up with this idea to put four people on one guitar but ‘Hammy’ was in the room and they didn’t want to hurt his feelings?

'OK Hammy, you can play one chord and eerily avoid 
all eye contact with the camera, Deal?' 
- Loop-sided Blonde who is quasi cute

- Hammy

Also, ‘Hammy’ really needs to get his arm hair under control. Good lord.

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