01-16-12 Is Your College Sweatshirt Ironic?

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Yesterday we were out running errands and we were going by Fry’s and so I wanted to swing by and look at external DVD/Blu-Ray drives. We ended up just buying a low-tech DVD drive for $30, and passed on dropping a few hundred on a Blu-Ray read/write drive. We figured it wasn’t anything we needed (we don’t own a single Blu-ray, how 2008 of us, right?). We also bought some game that looked like it was going to be redo on Sim City, but ended up being a giant time-suck bullshit timer/task game. The Amazon reviews even compared it to Sim City, and they were lying.

Anyways, on our way out of Fry’s we handed our receipt to that guy that checks to make sure we’re not criminals at all electronics stores. I’m not sure what his job actually is called, Thief Deterer? No idea. Anyways, this guy happened to be a young black guy, maybe 19-20 years old. I hand him the receipt and he’s smiling at me and says ‘Your sweatshirt is awesome’ and I look down at my sweatshirt to figure out he’s talking about.

I’m wearing my regular Hood College hoodie sweatshirt I’ve had for six or seven years. Nothing awesome about it all. Anyways, I begin to pick up on why this guy thinks it’s awesome. This guy is thinking my Hood sweatshirt is like ‘Da Hood’ College, like my college sweatshirt is ironic… It quickly gets awkward as I try to explain to him, it’s a real sweatshirt from a real college where I got my real college degree. He laughs unsure about if bullshitting him. I wasn’t.

We walk away.

Awesome, Lesleh and I paid a fortune to go to a small liberal arts college.

Where we had the ‘Hood Hello’ (a simple wave to EVERYONE you pass, even if you hate them) or the Pergola Party (where we had a campus-wide shaving creme battle). Where, when you needed help with registering classes or paying your tuition, the person behind the counter knew your first name and you knew THEIR first name. Where our class sizes were measured in the tens of people (I had advanced classes with only eight other people, my largest class had 33 people in it). Nothing more wholesome then paying a hundred thousand dollars for a solid education where I didn’t have any ‘fluff’ classes.

Instead, people think I went to ironic college. Believe me, if I graduated with a ironic degree I’d be a lot funnier..

Now, these guys, The Hood Internet, their name is probably ironic.

The Hood Internet- One Midnight With You (M83 vs. Mayer Hawthrone)

One thought on “01-16-12 Is Your College Sweatshirt Ironic?

  1. When I worked at the bookstore, we had a guy from Brooklyn call and ask for 1,000 Hood hoodies. When we figured out he was going to resale them as “Da Hood” college, we refused to sell to him.

    Also, I believe in America we spell “creme” as “cream.” Why do you hate America, Grant? Why?