01-18-12 – Fish I Caught in Clear Lake

Monday was a holiday and it was pretty warm out, so I got to get my fishing rod out and see if I could get anything on the hook. I live right on Clear Lake and so I have access to fishing whenever I want. I didn’t expect to get much, since I couldn’t really get any bait with my cast net. However, I got a eight – ten inch long mullet, which I sliced up into chuck bait. The pictures enclosed are what I caught that day!


Here’s a nice Seatrout which was about 13-14 inches. He was too small to keep, so I threw him back. He was a beautiful fish though, give him a few more months and he’ll make a delicious dinner!

Black Drum

Caught this Black Drum in the cast net. He’s a bit tiny, so I had to throw him back.

Lady Blue Crab

Now this is a first for me. Catching a blue crab on a line and reel. I can barely get the crabs to stay on a string with a chicken neck long enough to see them when I pull them up. However, this lady crab held on while I reeled her all the way back. Still clutching the bait when I brought in. She ended up becoming Maryland Crab Soup! She was six and half inches point to point.

Male Blue Crab

Amazingly, I didn’t catch just that lady crab, I caught another male too. Both on a rod and reel within about five minutes of one another. Never had this ever happened, and here I got two in five minutes! This guy was about six inches point to point!

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