01-21-12 Klaypex’s ‘Feel Alright’

Found Klaypex’s ‘Feel Alright’ on Hype Machine earlier today. I had jumped on the computer this morning to balance my checkbook, and had Hype Machine just play songs in rotation in the background. At first I didn’t realize that this song wasn’t just a regular Daft Punk song. As ‘Feel Alright’ progressed, I got to hear what Klaypex had added to the song. The muted lyrics, the sped up tempo, the boosted synth and altered bass. Klaypex has done a wonderful job keeping the ‘Daft Punk’ sound, but making it dancier. Making the song more, more… more ‘Daft Punk’? Just listen to ‘Feel Alright’ below and you’ll see what I mean.
Klaypex – Feel Alright (Daft Punk)

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