03-17-11 – How to make an Irish Car Bomb

For many of you out there (especially those of you in college) today is a big deal. It’s a big deal because Saint Patty’s Day is the third biggest drinking holiday after New Year’s Eve and the Wednesday Night before Thanksgiving. So, if you don’t know how to make an Irish Car Bomb, you need to learn. I explain how to do so, below:

Ingredients needed : 1 pint Guinness (they come in four packs of cans, and have that neat draft nitrogen release thing). Some sort of Irish cream (Bailey’s is my choice) and an Irish whiskey (Jameson’s or Tullamore Dew, something reputable).

Equipment needed : Towels, a shot glass, and a pint glass.

Instructions :
(1) Pour the Guinness into pint glass, filling the glass half way (you can go a bit more, but you don’t want to over fill).
(2) Prepare the shot glass with 3/4 Irish Cream and 1/4 Irish Whiskey.
(3) Next, hold the pint glass with Guinness in one hand while holding the shot glass with your other hand.
(4) Drop the shot glass into the pint glass and chug.
(Notes) Please be sure to have everything close to your mouth and be ready to drink fast. Also, be aware of the shot glass that is now in your pint glass. (You don’t want to break any teeth by tilting way too fast).

Enjoy and happy Saint Patty’s Day!

Also, I’ve included a video to help some of you who are better at visual learning…

Also, please remember not to drink and drive. Additionally, if you have alcohol or substance abuse issues, seek help. Be safe.

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