03-17-11 – More grumbiness from Apple Iphone

I posted earlier this week that I was having issues with my iPhone (3GS iOS 4.1) alarm going off. Sunday it didn’t go off at all. Monday morning it went off an hour early, as well as Tuesday, Wednesday and today (Thursday). Nothing will make you angrier then when an alarm goes off an hour too early.

Well, I had called Apple and was given not so brilliant advice. Update my phone to iOS 4.3 and delete the alarms and reprogram them. Well, I deleted and reprogrammed the alarms. But I can’t update my iOS on the phone. It kept telling me ‘Itunes 9.xx.xx is the most current version’ when I clicked on ‘update’ while in the menus of the iPhone in Itunes.

I did some searching on what the hell this meant. Well, what it means is my iTunes isn’t the most current version. Rather it’s the most current version for my operating system (OS 10.4.11). In order to get iOS 4.3 on my iPhone, I need iTunes 10.x on my computer. In order to get iTunes 10.x on my computer I need to have OS 10.5+ on there as well. In order to do that, I need to pay Apple $70 to upgrade to that iOS.

What a crock of shit. I’ve fulfilled my contract with ATT and I am a free agent at this point. I could just fix this by buying an alarm, but I’m more pissed something as simple as an alarm can’t work seamlessly on the iPhone. For all the things it does do, it can’t have an alarm go off at the right time? More annoying, is Apple has had this same issue for months. (And it’s an issue on both Verizon and ATT phones, so it’s definitely an Apple Issue). Every time daylight savings time changes, they have this issue. Why can’t they trouble shoot this before and make sure it’s fixed, rather than releasing firmware updates after the fact?

/ end rant

P.S. – Happy Saint Patty’s day!

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