03-18-11 Houston Press Menu of Menus coming up!

The Houston Press’s Menu of Menus 2011 event is coming up on April 12 and is being hosted at Spring Street Studios (right by Winter Street Studios, where Artopia 2011 was hosted). Tickets are already on sale. Menu of Menu tickets are $40 in advance or $50 at the door. However, if the event sells out before hand, tickets may not be available the day of the event. So hedge your risk and get tickets now for $10 off and guarantee you’ll get in! There also are VIP tickets available for $75 $80 each and will get you into the event an hour early. (Ticket prices are subject to change depending on demand and availability).

Menu of Menu's 2011

Menu of Menu's 2011

Click on the photo to go to Menuofmenus.com

All tickets to Menu of Menus 2011 get you food, wine, beer and spirit sampling as well as live music! The list of the restaurants showcasing are: The Counter, Another Time Soda Fountain, Phoenicia Rudyard’s, Corksoakers, Korma Sutra, Ritters, Epicurean Express, Mmm.. Cupcake and Lucky’s! With many more to be added!

I’ll provide updates as I get them, but I hope to see you all there.

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