03-20-11 – Sunburned (and some cures)

Yesterday, we went out to Galveston island, actually just south of it into Brazoria county. It’s a nice stretch of beach where you can drive onto the sand from the highway. No one is out there, so you’ve got several hundred feet between cars. Lesleh and her brother came along. It was overcast and quite foggy, so I didn’t think much about the sun. We went about fishing, playing soccer and building a sand castle. We were out for about 4 hours. I forgot to put sun screen on…

Oddly, I wasn’t even that burned on the car ride home. I felt warm and a little red, but not really that bad. Now that is has been a full twenty-four hours, today, I am incredibly sunburned. Luckily it’s only my top half. My legs aren’t sunburned at all. They’re not even red. However, my neck, back and arms are bright lobster red! Thank god for aloe and epsom salt.

So here are my suggestions if you happen to get a bad sunburn:
First, as soon as you get home rinse your skin with apple cider vinegar. This will get the sting out from the sunburn. (Sounds weird, but it really works!)
Second, get lotion on. Your skin is dry and needs moisturizing. I like to use Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion. It’ll help to moisturize and may even save your sunburn and turn it into a decent tan (avoiding that awful skin peel!)[See below]
Third, drink a lot of water. Not only is your skin dry on the outside from the sunburn, it’s also probably dry on the inside too. So start hydrating with water or fruit juices.
Lastly, to really help cool down, soak in a bath with epsom bath salts (magnesium sulfate). The epsom salts help with the burn.

Most importantly, use sun screen, even when it doesn’t seem like it’s all that bright out, that’ll be your best way to avoid sunburn!

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