03-24-11 – Dan Savage and Terry Miller on NPR

On the way into work today, I happened to catch the Fresh Air interview of Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller. First, I was surprised the segment was dedicated to Liz Taylor. Second, I was impressed with how interesting Terry Gross’s interview of Dan Savage and Terry Miller. They discussed gay rights and Savage’s weekly column as well as their marriage in Canada and adopting a child. They both had a lot of humor and insight for people who may be struggling to come out.

They spent a good deal of time talking about their ‘It Gets Better Campaign’ and reaching out to gay, lesbian and transgender young adults. You can check out the full write up on NPR and listen to the audio by clicking on the link below:
Dan Savage: For Gay Teens, Life ‘Gets Better’

Also check out Dan Savage’s new book below:

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