03-26-11 – Wale at UH’s Frontier Fiesta (Last Night)

University of Houston (UH) has a big carnival like festival each year. They have carnival rides, food and concerts. It’s huge and you can drink throughout the whole thing. So, it’s set up to be a blast. We went for the first time last night to see the free Wale performance. We had seen Wale before back in January (of this year) and not knowing any better, we got there when the ticket said the show would start (8pm).

Knowing more this time, we knew the ‘8pm – 12pm’ concert really meant 10:30-11:00. So, we planned accordingly. It seems most hip-hop/ rap artists don’t know how to read a clock. They also think everyone is there to see their 30 untalented friends rap over the same song (currently it seems to be Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Black and Yellow”). Meaning 30 people come out in a row and rap (or fumble) their own lyrics to the same instrumental track. Being blown away and disappointed when the crowd stands there awkwardly… Anyways, that wasn’t really the case for us last night, since we knew he’d come out late. But it’s annoying. Artists stop doing that shit.

Wale came out around 10:45 and begun to perform every single track I’ve never heard before. He must have a new album, but the crowd didn’t seem to know any of them either. He did play one or two tracks that were recognizable like ‘90210 Girls’ and ‘Black and Gold’. He also didn’t perform for long. Wale was off the stage by 11:25pm. Not that the crowd was there to see him leave, after two or three songs, the packed crowd had wondered off. Presumably to the beer tent that was playing mariachi music..

I have to say the last Wale concert we went to (at Warehouse Live) had an incredible energy. The crowd was really into Wale’s performance and he played a decent line up. I’m not sure why this crowd didn’t get into it. Maybe it was the bad sound system, or the fact that it was outside (and the only place to get beer was at the mariachi music playing beer tent – lines were long to get in). But with a thousand or more college age students, you’d think he would have blown the place up. I’m still holding out and will pass final judgment if and when I get to see him again.

The highlight from the show had to be Wale’s rendition of Sam Sparro’s ‘Black N Gold’. Instantly recognizable, and the hook gets you.

Wale – Black N Gold Feat Sam Sparro

UH’s Frontier Fiesta continues on today (today is the final date). And is worth checking out. I saw families there with children, and I’d imagine during the day there were even more children. So, UH’s Frontier Fiesta is a family friendly event.

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