09-02-11 Countdown to the Long Weekend!

Just have to get through the work day today, and I’ve got three days off! I’ve been discussing with Lesleh all week about going camping in Brazoria County (just South of Galveston Island, it’s actually where Ron Paul is from) on the beach. She’s been trying every excuse imaginable so she could deter us from going camping. Her latest excuse was the hurricane/ tropical storm in the Gulf.

All week the storm has been headed straight for Louisiana, but she insisted we were going to get a bunch of rain, etc. Just checked the whether for Galveston (near Christmas Bay), just some sporadic thunder storms this weekend with chances of rain under 30%. So, I guess she’ll have to come up with a new line to get out this!

I’m not even sure why she hates camping so much. We’re driving our car to Galveston beach (she loves Galveston beach normally) and then putting up a tent next to the car. It’s barely even camping. We’ll bring a beer cooler and wine. Then we’ll also bring a hibachi grill and make dinner on it. Do the whole smores thing. All things she normally loves to do. However, the threat of sleeping in a tent on the beach has her upset. Go figure…

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