09-05-11 – End of Summer (Videos)

Although Summer ended two weeks ago, Labor Day feels more like the official end of Summer. It’s when pools close up north. White pants are no longer allowed. Amusement parks start ramping up for Halloween. Labor Day means the Summer has ended.

To mourn the end of Summer, here are a few videos that I think remind me the most of what Summer really is supposed to be; fun! Although, down here in Houston, Summer isn’t really ending. The pool will be open until late October/ early November. Even then it will only be in the 50’s during the ‘Winter’ here, so mostly these are for all those who are in more northern climates. Enjoy!

That launch thing looks awesome. I wonder how many times they had to experiment to get it just right, it looks like they’re nearly launching people to the other side of the pond!

This water jet thing looks awesome! Looks like it’s a hose attached to a small jetski sized boat (which presumably houses the pumps and stuff). I think it’d be really fun to give this a shot.

Send me videos you have that remind you of Summer or leave a link in the comments section.

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