09-05-11 – Lazy Monday (Labor Day)

It’s a stumbleupon kind of day. Off from work, but nothing really to do. I mean I could do laundry, vacuum and clean the kitchen. But that’s probably not going to happen right this moment. I also need to pay some bills and balance the checkbook. Maybe later. I could go fishing, but I caught the bottom so many times yesterday that I’d have to get showered and dressed to go to the store to get more tackle (specifically leaders).

No, instead, I’m going to drink coffee and watch videos on stumbleupon. I’ve found a few interesting ones so far, that I have shared below:

Portal 2 – I want you Gone (Fan Video) I really like this video, her voice is strangely calming.

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock A neat premise and the song is pretty good.

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