09-07-11 – Possible Sailboats in OUR future?

Monday was a holiday for everyone here in the US. So, Lesleh and I after attempting to go camping on Saturday at Galveston Island during 30mph sand gusts, decided to take Sunday to rest. On Monday, I got the urge to go out and look at boats at the marina across the lake from us. I wanted to take photos and also, point and name parts for Lesleh.

When we got to the marina, we drove around and looked at some stuff, I wanted to show here the 58ft Ketch ‘Windsong‘ i deckhand on every so often, but she wasn’t in her slip. So, we continued on to the other side of the marina. This time we parked the car and walked around looking at some impressive 40 and 50 foot masthead sloops. As we stood gawking at them, a really friendly guy named ‘Mike’ came out and asked if we were looking at buying a slip. I nearly laughed and told him I wish we could, but don’t have a boat yet.

We began to chat, and it turns out Mike wasn’t a salesmen but was wondering if he’d have new neighbors, since his boat was right where we should gawking. It was a 42ft Hunter. I began to tell him about my dream of taking off for a few years and sailing around, which began an awesome conversation of his adventures over the last five years of doing that very thing.

Apparently him and his wife Dana, decided five years ago to sell everything they had, buy a boat and head for the Caribbean. Dana, meet up with Mike as we were talking, and they explained neither of them had ever owned a boat or had any sailing experience. They got the boat and then had others in the marina where it was docked show them out to sail. Mike said they had only been sailing 20 or so times before heading down the guld to Roatan, Honduras.

It was truly incredible stuff, and I couldn’t have paid a spokesman enough money to be as convincing as Mike and Dana about their experiences when they told Lesleh. As we got to the car after talking to them for about a half hour, I said to Lesleh “See, people really do this!” and this time she didn’t argue back!

So, I think we’re on our way to making this actually happen. We’ve gone over general budgets of what we can guess at we’ll need. Going over things like insurance, prescriptions, estimated yearly food costs, estimated fuel costs, harbor and marina fees, etc. Everything imaginable, and then working from those numbers to see how much we’ll need in the back to set sail. Now, we just need to accumulate the resources!

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress, but baby steps for now. Unless I win the Powerball tonight!

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