09-08-11 – Texas Wildfires

9-8-11 Texas Wildfires Map

I made lots of worried phone calls last week to my family on the east coast due to the east coast earthquake and then Hurricane Irene. Although, worried at the time, everything turned out OK. Well, this week I guess media coverage has shifted south to the Texas wildfires and my good karma is being paid back with worried phone calls from friends and family up north.

Although not a concern since they are still pretty far away. However, this morning downtown Houston smelled like a pinewood fireplace. The air was thick with smoke and the air smelled like there was a BBQ convention in town or something. This got me a little worried and so I checked online to see where the nearby fires may be. Below is what I found. (Send me a comment if you know of others in the area and I will update with them.)

Currently the fires in the Houston Area are in:

Waller,Texas About 45 miles outside Houston

Magnolia, Texas Also, about 45 miles outside Houston

Atascocita, Texas About 25 miles outside of Houston (but 75% contained)

Fort Bend, Texas (Updated) About 35 miles outside of Houston, rumored to be by the fairgrounds

Needville, Texas (Updated) About 45 miles outside of Houston

Central Texas Wildfires Slideshow(via HoustonPress.com)

As I learn and find more information about the Houston area wildfires I’ll update my blog, but for now it doesn’t look there is is much to worry about. For reference this is where I live. Very far from any of the fires, although Atascocita would be the closest to me.

Central Texas Satellite View of Fires

Central Texas Satellite View of Fires

2 thoughts on “09-08-11 – Texas Wildfires

    • Yep, everything is OK. No threat to where we live and with so many people in the Houston Area, I’m sure they’re staying on top of everything. Worst comes to worst though, we have plenty of insurance for both fire and hurricanes.