09-10-11 Joe Goddard from Hot Chip

So I was cruising DFA’s website last night, listening to the new YACHT album and just messing about. On their homepage they have a blurb about Joe Goddard. Not really a name that stands out to me. However, they have a photo of him and explain further he is one of the two voices that sing in Hot Chip. Now, I bet that got your attention. Who doesn’t love Hot Chip?

I have only had the chance to see Hot Chip once live. Back a few years ago at 9:30 Club in DC. It was an alright concert. I think it was more the crowd than the band that let me down. I pictured a bunch of hipsters, most of which wouldn’t be old enough to drink there. Instead, it was 3 busloads of American University fratboys (there was three buses parked outside the club). They must have gotten there early, because they were already wasted when we got there.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the crowd vibe I was going for. Also, the weirdest incident to ever happen to me happened on the way to the 9:30 club. Crossing U Street from the metro over to 9:30 club walking in the crosswalk a lady on a bicycle plowed into me. She knocked me down and tore my pants. As I’m trying to get up and figure out what’s going on, she yelling at me. Apparently, It was my fault she was running a red light and ran into a pedestrian. It was weird, and put me in an awful mood.

Anyways, that was years ago and I’d love to go see Hot Chip again. Presumably, it’d be a different experience down here in Houston. Mostly because no one walks anywhere and no one rids bikes. So, no chance of getting hit by a bicyclist. Hope they do come down.

The video above is Joe Goddard’s track ‘Gabriel’, the original track. Then the Soundcloud link below is the same tack ‘Gabriel’, but the dub version. Both are impressive and are a good early morning easy listening track.

Joe Goddard (featuring Valentina) – Gabriel (Dub) by DFA Records

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