09-21-11 Houston Bestfest: Single Day Passes Now on Sale!

Houston Bestfest  - Single day passes!

Houston Bestfest - Single day passes!

I just read this article at HoustonPress.com that single day tickets are now on sale for Houston Best Fest! I know a lot of people have been searching (and ending up on site) for promo or discount codes. Unfortunately, I haven’t been made aware of any promo or discount codes to date. I honestly don’t think there are going to be promo or discount codes for Bestfest. Especially, with Bestfest only two days away. I’ll keep my eyes and ears out and if I do find any promo or discount codes, you all will be the first to know!

So, with that out there, the single day passes seem to be a pretty awesome deal. I mean, if you’re not super into Cake but really want to see the Toadies, or vice versa. Here’s your chance to get a single day pass to see the bands you really want to see. Passes are $25 for one day (versus $40 (if bought online now) for both days.)

Also, here’s the link to Bestfest’s band line-up for both days>

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