1-24-11 Girl Talk (from 1-13-11)

I should have posted this earlier, but here are some videos from Girl Talk on 1-13-11 at Verizon Theatre in Houston. It may have been one of the best concerts I have been to, maybe, ever. The crowd was completely into the concert, meaning no douchy fratboys. Everyone sang along to the bits and pieces of songs. No really super tall asshole stood right in front of me. No obnoxious couple made out on me. None of that, which really makes a difference at a concert.

So the atmosphere was great. Then the music, and the trip-art video were amazing. A bunch of just bizarre and weird segments for nearly 90 minutes. Throw in some toilet paper cannons, confetti ballons and a plastic confetti tunnel thing, mind blowing (and I was sober)!

If Greg Gillis (Girl Talk) makes it near you, stop everything you’re doing and get tickets. A truly incredible concert!


P.S. Sorry for the shitty resolution.

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