1-29-11 – Houston Press Artopia 2011 After-thoughts

Well, Artopia 2011 is finally over. What an exciting event! For those of you who didn’t (or couldn’t) make it, it was a sight to be seen. The who’s who of Houston seemed to be there, not that I know anyone in Houston, but it sure seemed that way!

If you’ve never heard of Artopia, find out more about it here. It was exported from Denver when one of the marketing people at the paper there (I think from the Denver Westwod) transferred to the Houston Press (all of which are Village Voice papers). Artopia reminded me of a baby Artomatic(like what’s in DC). Unfortunately, I don’t think ArtoMatic occurred in 2010, but in 2009 it was incredible. Artomatic was eight floors of amateur and professional art with thrown live music, live conceptual art and food and drink.

Artopia was a bit different, it had more emphasis on the live and conceptual art and less on the booths of artwork like at Artomatic. Also, Artopia was more event-like seeing as it was only one night, where Artomatic was an entire month. Also, Artopia had admission ($40 general, $75 VIP) versus free admission for Artomatic. Perhaps, a hybrid could be born of the two, but held in Houston. I know there must be a ton of warehouse space somewhere in Houston, where something similar to Artomatic could be thrown, and perhaps have a kick-off event like what Artopia was.

Houston Press Artopia 2011

Houston Press Artopia 2011

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