10-24-11 – LMFAO @HOB Houston w/ Kreayshawn

Lesleh and I went to go see LMFAO at House of Blues Houston on Saturday Night. What a disappointing show. I’m not sure what I expected to see from them, but I’m sure I didn’t expect to see half a dozen men in speedos shaking their packages at the crowd, spitting vodka all over the place every other song. The two lead guys reminded me of Millie and Vanillie and the backup dancers were dressed like they were the missing members of New Kids on the Block. The whole experience was bizarre.

Yet the crowd, all of which had an average age of about 16 were very into it. Made me think our future, as a country, is very bleak if these are the people who will growing up and running it 30 years from now. Still don’t get wearing sunglasses in the dark, or wearing just sun-glass frames with no lenses. Or zebra pattern pants. Saw A LOT of those…

LMFAO’s set seemed very over-produced and the performers/backup dancers seemed to be acting very over the top on purpose. It was just painful too watch. We ended up leaving about six or seven songs in right after Party Rockers played. A surprise though, was Kreayshawn opening for LMFAO. She only played five songs, and her set was only about 15 minutes (maybe less). Wish she had more material, but it was cool to see her perform.

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