11-07-11 – Sailing in Galveston Bay

Got a chance to go sailing on Saturday. It was a dreary and sort of chilly day (well by Houston standards). The wind was blowing 15-18 knots, which was beautiful. There was a slight chop to the water though, so the yankee jib wasn’t enough to keep her stable. So we threw up the mainsail and she hauled along at about 6.5-7 knots on a close reach. We heeled about 23% and went flying!

The photo above shows just how much we were heeling (notice the sea line, that’s where level is). I had gone down below to open a bottle of wine for quests, and I think I should be awarded a medal for being able to do it down below when heeling so much!

Regardless, it was a beautiful day for sailing. The most boring days sailing are those sunny days with no wind. This definitely wasn’t one of those day!

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