So this marks our last week in Washington. We’ve been packing up, getting ready for a move to my parents for three weeks (to finish out our commitments at work) and then we’re driving to Houston.

I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy and it seems a lot of jobs are out there, especially in Austin. It’s hard though to get a job it seems without some sort of contact at the company. So anyone have contacts in Texas? Even an indirect contact will get you more of a response then a random solicitation.

Anyways, here is a fun track. I’ll be working on a playlist for our ride down, do expect so larger posts coming up in May.

Sia x M.I.A. – Button Showers (The White Panda Mash)

And a new track from Uffie:

Uffie Ft. Pharrell – A.D.D. SUV

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I’ve been working on packing and getting stuff around the place done. Been jamming out to some old tracks and forgot about this gem:

MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

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OK, I thought I was up to date on this stuff, I guess not. I’ve see links to Soundcloud before and never paid much attention to it. I normally use Hype Machine to find and search for music. Well, aside from all the morons who like Kid Cudi and Kanye West, Hype Machine does it’s job. They hype music, from otherwise unknown sources, mostly bloggers. However, like everything in this world, people need to pander to get the revenue needed to run the site (notice that there are ads on this site, it isn’t just free!).

Thus Hype Machine has turned into a shit factory of crappy remixes of the same five “artists”, with only a shimmer here and there of original music. I mean you have to delve through massive amounts of music before you find something worth actually listening or downloading. In addition, once an “artist” has been “hyped”, it seems they can do no wrong, and it starts a negative feedback loop of ever worse remixes and covers.

Anyways, I searched around on Soundcloud and found a few fun artists, that seem to be doing their thing, and doing it well. Check them out below. And as always, you can never go bad with some “The Hood Internet”.

Check out DJ Tanneron Soundcloud!

Check out B.A.R.T.O too!

The Hood Internet – Bring The Tabloid Sores (Public Enemy vs HEALTH)

The Hood Internet – Fire It Up, Firemouse (Lil Wayne x Modest Mouse)

The Hood Internet – Save Me Concubine (Ghostface Killah x Beirut)

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So I was looking at my logs of how people “discover” my blog and I had an odd relevation. It seemed a lot of people were coming to the site from yahoo image searches. Which is very odd, considering this is a MUSIC blog and there aren’t that many images on the site.

Well a while back I posted a track from Caribou called “Odessa”. I labeled the photo “caribou.jpg” and guess what the first result is if you image search “caribou” on yahoo? Totally bizzare how the internet works.. For all the things to be noticed for, this seems the weirdest.

Anyways, as I gear up to move to Houston in May, I’ve been debating whether to completely abandon “Downtrodden In DC” and go towards something else, or continue on as an expat to DC, therefore so downtrodden I left. Thoughts and suggestions?

In addition, on my commute back from work a few days ago, I saw a woman clipping her finger nails on the Metro. Letting the clipping just drop to the ground, we really do need to leave this city!

Chiddy Bang – Hey London (feat. Hot Chip – One Life Stand)

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It has been hot here in Washington. I’m moving to Houston in May and so I’ve been watching the weather down there. And three days in a row it’s been hotter here, then in Houston. We hit a record on at least one of the days, for the hottest it’s ever been on that day since recorded history.

To make things more fun, aside from 90 degree heat in April, is our condo has not switched over to AC. Additionally, the AC was under major repair at work. I work on the third floor and all the windows are sealed, so it was reaching the mid-nineties inside (I guess black-tinted windows were a bad choice for heat reduction purposes). So all this week I have been coming home soaked through with sweat, to be in our condo where it was mid 80’s at night with all the windows open.

Additionally pollen counts were phenomenal. Not being able to get away from the heat was bad, but having to keep the windows open to keep the condo under 90 degrees was miserable. Is there a way I can buy claritin and psuedofed futures? If so, I’d be a millionaire. Ugh.

Luckily, yesterday a storm blew through and cooled things down.

On a total side note: Unfortunately, a man in our building had expired at some point during the last few weeks and police were everywhere yesterday trying to remove the body. I think this may be my biggest fear, and a lot of people probably agree, to die with no one noticing. Meaning you have no family left or close friends to keep an eye on you. So going through everyday life with no tangible connections to anyone else. It sounds so morbid and lonely.
Anyways, here’s a song to pep up your mood (that I just soured).

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix)

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Just a quick note for all of you out there that didn’t know it’s April Fool’s day! Google is now known as “Topeka”, check out why here Topeka . I got a chuckle out of it, music will come later tonight!

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Since I’m not completely oblivious to sports, although music is more my thing, I had a discussion with a co-worker (Matt Tevelow) who seems to be one of the many resident sport-nerds at work (Greyson is another, however everything must be tied to baseball for him to express interest), and we were discussing how the NCAA ranks teams. I had never given it much thought, and Matt explained it to me. I thought it sounded unfair and a few days later and he’s got all of this mathematical analysis on it!

I like the general idea of watching teams from a school you attended and making fun of someone else’s alma mater. However I went to a small liberal arts college that was historically an all-girls school, where males were less than 25% of the student population (it was even lower my freshman year but started to dilute by my senior year!). So I had a lot of different sports in mind in college, if you catch my drift. So aside from watching a few field hockey games, there wasn’t much to be real excited about..

Either way, if you’ve ever been interested in how it works, below will explain the idea and why it seems so intrinsically unfair. MUSIC BELOW

Michigan State – Easiest Path to the NCAA Championship Game

In the 25 years since the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament expanded to 64 teams, there have been just 4 teams seeded 5th or higher to have made it to the championship game. Only one, the 1988 Kansas Jayhawks – seeded 6th, have won it. One reason for this lack of lower seeds is the difficult path they must take to the championship.

The advantage of getting a high seed in the tournament is having an easier road through the field. If there were no upsets, the one seed would play against teams seeded 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 to get to the championship (adding all the seeds together you get a combined score – later called scratch score – of 31). By comparison, a five seed would play teams seeded 12, 4, 1, 2 and 1 (a combined score of 20). A lower combined score generally equals a more difficult path.

If Michigan State makes it past 5th seeded Baylor, they may have the distinction of the easiest path for team seeded 5 or higher in tournament history. To get to the championship game they will have faced teams seeded 12, 4, 9, 6 and 5. The highest seeded team was Maryland; whom they faced in their second game and required a buzzer beater to win. The combined score for the teams faced is 38, which is almost double the scratch score of 20 they would have had if there were no upsets.

All of the other teams to make the championship seeded 5 or higher also had upsets ease their path. Indiana in 2002 (seeded 5th), Florida in 2000 (seeded 5th) and Michigan in 1991 (seeded 6th) all made it to the championship game, but had to face teams seeded at least one and three to reach that point. The other team to make it was Kansas in 1988 (seeded 6th), who beat Oklahoma to win the tournament. To get to the championship game they played teams seeded 11, 14, 7, 6 and 2. This results in a combined score of 40…22 higher than the scratch score of 18 for a 6 seed. The 1988 Kansas team may rival the current Michigan team for easiest path, but they did have to go through a 2 seed. This year’s Michigan team faced no higher than a 4 seed, which I think gives them the edge.

When looking at the easiest road ever to the championship, the 1990 UNLV Rebels may have that distinction. They were the number 1 seed, which generally results in an easier path, but due to upsets they faced teams seeded 16, 8, 12, 11, and 4 (a combined score of 51!)

Facing higher or lower seeds guarantees nothing. Highly ranked teams fall all the time and the one-and-done nature of the tournament makes it highly unpredictable. Michigan has taken care of their business; but having an unprecedented number of higher seeds cleared out without ever having to face them has contributed to their success.

The music attached has nothing to do with the article, but are three decent tracks:

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

Grizzly Bear – Knife (Girl Talk Remix)

The White Panda – A Cholo You Know

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3-27-10 Part Two

Got a fun email from a nice girl named Lucia promoting the band “We Are Like the Spider“. I listened to a few of the tracks and I have to say my favorite is “Lightning Garden”. It starts out funky, with this odd collection of clinks and clacks building up until you have this Marilyn Manson-esque whispering in your ears. Don’t worry no one’s creeping up behind you, it’s just the beat sneaking in.

The whispering was initially off-putting, like a creepier Marilyn Manson (if that’s possible), however it reminds me a little bit of The Knife, which I truly love. I kept with the track and you’ll be happy if you do as well as it gains some balance towards the middle with the synth. All in all, a nice attempt that I’ll definitely add to my track rotation. If you want more info on them, check them out HERE .

We Are Like The Spider – Lightning Garden

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Quick list of tracks to get you moving Saturday! (A few of the tracks have french chicks in them, thus the photo [i.e. Soko and Yelle])

The Klaxons are incredible. This song is incredible. It has our first weird french chick, Soko. Seriously, her big hit is “I Kill Her”. She is pretty intense, but it’s a wonderful fit.

Klaxons – It’s Not Over Yet (Gentlemen Drivers Remix Feat. Soko)

Heard this track awhile back and once it’s in your head it’s going to be hard to get out!

Suicide Sports Club – I Dont Know Ft Duke and Suspect

The original of this track is awesome, and this reduex is pretty fun. Has a weird swedish chick in it (Lykke Li), although she isn’t quite as weird as the french chicks, well maybe. It starts low, but towards the middle it gets more fun.

N.A.S.A. Feat. Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li – Gifted (Flirtphonic Remix)

Our second weird french chick, Yelle. This song has everything, reggaetone, french, heavy beat, and a cutesy girl. Like the last track, it takes a minute or two to really get it’s pace, but once it hits, you’ll feel a bit morose when it ends.

Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir

Just a fun song, that doesn’t at all fit in with the beat intensive tracks above. However, it has this fun 50’s resurgence feel too it, which I almost always fall in love with (I.e. The Bees- Listening Man, Aloe Blacc- I Need a Dollar, etc.)

Madcon – Beggin’ (The Four Seasons Cover)

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Ok, so I’m going to post and write about Crystal Castles today. I don’t think they get enough recognition. Whenever I hear their tracks I’m dancing, singing and throwing my arms in the air like a blacklady at pentecostal church. I ran into them a few years ago, when I was on a severe 8-bit binge, and their stuff although chaotic, repetitive and sometimes entropic really gets me going.

The underlying beats and bass will make you fidgety, and anxious. Exactly what I look for in music. I mean I have tracks I listen to when I go jogging, or when I’m trying to get something done. These are not those tracks. If you’re listening to Crystal Castles, you are really LISTENING to Crystal Castles.

Crystal Castles – Air War

Crystal Castles – Alice Practice

Uffie – Make it Hott (Crystal Castles Remix)

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3/14/10 “π”

Is anyone else really tired of Kid Cudi? I’ve posted this before, but it seems he’s had his five minutes, and now he’s just shitting all over everyone’s ear with all of this new stuff. Some of the remixes out there are even worse. What’s wrong with Hype Machine, people actually listen to this stuff?

I’ll admit, I have a few tracks and I used to jam out to some of his stuff. His stuff at first sounded so original and fun, well that was two years ago, can we find some new to “hype” up? I think Wale doesn’t get enough coverage, so this post is to get some of his stuff out there, so the four people who read this blog…

His name is pronounced like “Wah-lay”, more like the photo up top, then like the creature of the sea. He’s actually from this area (DC) and you go out to the more gritty clubs and his stuff is played all the time. He still seems to be an underground phenomenon outside of DC, but had huge coverage a few years ago with his redeux of Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E”. Here it is:

Wale – W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

And a few more:

Wale – Good Girls (Andrew Clark and Quix Remix)

Wale – Chillin’ (Ft. Lady GaGa) (The Knocks Remix) (He actually corrects the pronunciation of his name in this song)

Well that’s a good first introduction to Wale, I encourage all of you explore him more!

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A real quick post about an artist I had never heard about, Aloe Blacc. I haven’t heard such an incredible and original track since Gnarls Barkley was an unknown. I remember going to buy Gnarls Barkley’s “St. Elsewhere” because I had heard an incredible remix of the track ‘Crazy’ on a radio program on Sirius’s Left of Center with DJ Liquid Todd.

I must have a thing for old-time-y redo’s. This song has the same feel to me and most likely Aloe Blacc will become a household name, at least for a few minutes. The potential to be so popular that your parents will be talking about how great his “new” track is.. Enjoy it before your mom hears it at pilates or yoga with all the other mom’s trying to be hip…

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar

Shameless? Yes, I am:

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I guess being an econ major I should understand the work/leisure trade off. I think I have a very high leisure requirement, or at least a very high requisite in monetary terms to trade my leisure for work. Although, during the snow storm(s) that hit in February (now known as Snow-mageddon and Snow-over Kill), I found myself wanting to get to work. I guess being stuck in the house with my girlfriend for days straight, just isn’t what I’m thinking of as “leisure”.

I was almost to the point, of just going into to work, even if it was closed. And my job is boring, like real boring. I think if you asked people what the most boring job in the world is, they’d have some sort of answer. And then when I told them what I do, they would change their answer to my job. I audit inheritance taxes for the State of Maryland. I mean that doesn’t even faintly sound interesting, nor would you ever want to ever talk about it with me, yet after a week of being stuck in the house, I was ready to go back!

Anyways, it’s a few weeks later and I’m feeling the need for more leisure time again! The song below is only vaguely related. I have to say, that the songs are old. The Knife, has since formed into some weird opera band in some Nordic country. Ratatat has moved on to doing exclusively remixes of shitty rappers like Kanye West and Kid Cudi (who even a month ago I was into, but I have now been completely exhausted by his overhype). An interesting mashup none-the-less.

Ratatat – We Share Our Mother’s Health (remix of The Knife)

Here’s another, just for kicks! (may have been previously posted, but still a great mashup!)
José González Vs. The Knife – Heartbeats (Remix)

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So I’ve kept my promise. I’m posting again! Apparently the Olympics will continue forever! However, Apolo Ohno seems to be at an end with last I saw eight medals for his Olympic career. Not to bad and I’ve got to say I sure like him a whole hell of a lot more than Michael Phelps. Who, interestingly enough, I went to high school with in Baltimore at Towson High. Phelps graduated in ’03 and I graduated in ’01. At the time he was tearing up the Maryland All-State tournaments and he was a real prick about that. I can only imagine how Phelps is now with all his gold medals.

Anyways, in addition to keeping my promise, I also have had an epiphany. I’ve been looking to launch a website and my brilliant idea is: KeepUpWithTheJones.es. I have to say, I feel very clever for being the first to come up with the site and incorporating the country code “.es” in the site. I’ve had a few other ideas, but I couldn’t relate them back to a marketable idea.

I’m working on the site as we speak, polishing up on my HTML skills, but I would like to get it to be a hub for users for; personal finance, money management and investing.

And now for the reason you’ve probably come here:

The White Panda – Got Some Stratosphere

See you all in a few days!

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Has anyone else been completely absorbed into the Winter Olympics? I’ve always loved the winter olympics, where summer sports lose my interest past the opening ceremony, the complete opposite has been true this year. The opening ceremony was totally bizarre, it was nearly a Native American version of “Westside Story”. It got weirder when they referred to the Native Americans as the “First Nations”.

We have a Canadian friend and I tried to figure out what the singular of “First Nations” would be. “First National”, maybe? “First Native” would make sense too. Nope, it would just be a “First Nation”. As is, yeah I’m a “First Nation”. Totally weird. I guess that’s what you get when your country was founded by french fur traders and you still consider the Queen of England to be your figurehead..

I have two songs below. I have not kept up with music recently, as I have been so absorbed in the games. I promise come Friday, I’ll be back to posting at least every other day!

The Hood Internet – The XX Gon’ Give It To Ya (DMX vs The XX)

The instrumental in this track is also in the Apolo Ohno Commercial with AT&T, it’s called “Intro” by The XX.

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)

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2/10/10 – “Snow-ver Kill”

If 26 inches of snow wasn’t enough for Washington on Saturday, and three consecutive days of work closings, we now have an “official” blizzard in DC. Predictors are calling for up to and perhaps exceeding 15 inches of snow, with winds sustaining 30mph and gusts up to 50mph…

So I figured I’d give in and do a snow themed post today. Here it goes:

To get your feet stomping and the obvious wordplay “burial” from Miike SNOW:

Miike Snow – Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Continuing on:
The Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter
It is absolutely hazy out there, and my girlfriend is beginning to take on a Kathy Bates-esque look to her and I’m starting to feel like it’s leading to a scene straight out of ‘Misery’ here in our tiny NW Washington condo.

Elf Power – The Winter Is Coming
Winter has absolutely arrived, Elf Power from Athens Georgia may not be able to relate, but the song has a “snowy” feel.

Emiliana Torrini – Snow
Emiliana Torrini is better known for “Sunny Road”, however this song seems to fit the immediate outlook much better.

Send me music!

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I guess Tai-Shan got the hell out of D.C. just in time! With 25+ inches of snow on the ground now and forecasts of another storm dropping 8-10+ more tomorrow, China is looking pretty good!

Here’s a mashup by White Panda to tie that together a bit more!

The White Panda – Throw Some Tik On That Tok (Ke$ha vs Rich Boy) (Stella Edit)

I have off today, and had planned on sleeping in this morning, however my grandmother thought she’d call at 7:20am to see if I was still alive.. So I’ve been up since 7:20, snowed in. All the TV seems to talk about is the snow, and it’s gotten a bit old. Although, I can always look out the window and watch people work to shovel their cars out, and become more disillusioned, leading them to eventually abandon any hope of getting their car out.

If I do have work tomorrow, I hope the Metro is working on above-ground stations, otherwise the commute is going to be impossible.

UPDATE: No work tomorrow, and the weathermen are calling for another 10-20 inches to fall starting at noon tomorrow…

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So we just got A LOT of snow in DC. It’s been called “snowpocalypse”, “snowmageddon” and all sort of things related to Obama (Obaminable Snow, etc). My biggest hope, is that I get off work tomorrow. There is no other reason for it to ever snow, unless I can somehow not have to go out in it!

I take that back, we did go over on Macomb (right off of Connecticut Ave) to the Washington International School. There is a huge hill there, and even with the lid to the top of some of storage bins we were able to get some decent sledding in. In addition, it is fun to push people into the snowdrifts. I’ve only pushed people I actually know, but if it’s anything like the December Storm and how people shared the sidewalk, I might have to start doing it to strangers too!

We also got to build the snowmen above. They seemed to be a big hit with the neighborhood. The one on the left looks like one of the character’s in Monster’s, Inc. The snow is much wetter then the December storm, yet it didn’t really pack very well. It’s very heavy and I actually woke up yesterday morning at 6:30 due to snow accumulation on our roof crashing down. I’m still a bit worried about it, as the heat in our building goes up and heats everything, more will continue to crash down.

So fingers crossed, no work for anybody tomorrow!

Here’s a song, that sort of reminds me of fourth grade. Remember when the big thing in elementary school was to make those farting noises with your hand and armpit? I’m pretty sure that’s how they got that noise on the track. It also sounds like an 80’s redo, I just can’t put a finger on what track is actually is a redo of. Anyone else have an idea where the samples are from?

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp (Alan Wilkis Remix)

Shameless? Yes, I am:

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Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing (Medasyn Dub Remix)

Man, oh, man, what a busy few days. It just seems like I can never get everything done in a single day. My original intent was to post a great song on here everyday. When I had time over the last few days, I just couldn’t find a song I really wanted to post. I guess I could have posted something older, but what’s the fun in that!?

It also seems that it will never stop snowing here in DC. It snowed 6-8 inches Saturday and now it’s snowing again now, with predictions of about 3-6 tonight and we get to look forward to even more snow this coming Saturday. I heard rumors that it could be as much as foot of snow, but can’t seem to confirm that anywhere else. If you love snow and cold weather, come to the nation’s capitol!

I got a nice remix of Lady Sovereign’s “I Got You Dancing” redone Medasyn. It took me about a minute to really get into it, but it’s a relaxing song. The title is a little ironic, cause I find it a great song to listen too while zoning out at work. It gets me pumped just enough to stay awake and keep plugging along, yet not have to get up because it’s making me anxious.


Shameless? Yes, I am:

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Caribou – Odessa

Timbaland ft. Katy Perry- If We Ever Meet Again (Chew Fu Deja Chew Fix)

The songs I’m posting today have both been in heavy rotation on my ipod. They both have hypnotic beats and loops. Odessa has especially quirky samples and motifs, that I just love! The Timbaland song is a bit cheesy and no doubt will be overplayed, but the Chew Fu Deja remix allows me to keep some pride, when stating and admitting (on here) I have ever listened to a Timbaland song. Aside, from his ridiculous name, a lot of the stuff he had headlines has been horrible. Terrible mashings with a far to eclectic reach for something that screams to be original, yet fails to do even that, and ends up being mostly bad.

From what I understand he’s an awesome producer, but with songs to his credit like “Lobster & Scrimp” and “Meet in tha Middle”, and albums originally titled “Shock Value” and “Shock Value II” can you really blame me?

So I encourage you to check out this song, as far as I can tell, the title of the track contains no ebonics in the title (if ebonics even still exists, or ever did)!

And for everyone else who ends up here through google image searches of “caribou”, here you go!

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Sorry, I’ve been away the past few days. Have been feeling especially downtrodden.

I’m back and feeling well rested, so I figured I’d post a two songs that are rather inspirational:


Mika – Grace Kelly

I think it’s more of the buildup in both songs that gets me so pumped. “Grace Kelly” by Mika is just incredible. As you may know Grace Kelly was an actress in the 40’s and 50’s and became a princess when she married the King of Monaco, I believe. She tragically died in a car accident in her 70’s (I guess not too tragically if she was in her 70’s, though). Not too bad of life, movie superstar, royalty and a relative long life, with a quick exit. Not to mention, nearly every person who met her seemed to love her and genuinely thought she was the nicest person they had ever met. Mika does an incredible job measuring up to Grace Kelly’s impact with this song.

“VCR” remixed by MaTthew Dear, has a similar buildup, but is more measured in how the beat drops and you have to give it a minute or so. If this song comes on your iTunes and you’re not paying any attention to it, you’ll be tapping your foot away totally subconsciously. The beat has that sort of feel. You may even bob your head before you realize what’s going. Maybe it’s also similarity to Mika’s falsetto in the last song, that just makes me draw the comparison to the two songs. Enjoy them both and I hope to have more for you all tomorrow.

EDIT: More Matthew Dear tracks HERE.

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Bag Raiders – Daft Punk Is Playing ON My Nintendo

This is a very clever interpretation of the original song “Daft Punk is Playing at my House”. It’s been very nicely done. I saw LCD Soundsystem at Sonar- Baltimore, a grimy club that’s nearly under the freeway. James Murphy, who is LCD Soundsystem, got up on the stage in a what I would call normal office wear. Black slacks, a white button-up oxford shirt and a black skinny tie. Totally bizarre entrance.

Because I had not seen him live before, and apparently a lot of others in the crowd hadn’t either, people didn’t realize he was LCD Soundsystem. Thinking it’s just another fluffer act to get us to headlinder, people ignored the entrance. Then the lights go down, the strobes and light effects start and he opened with what I recall was “Daft Punk Playing at My House”.

First impressions will sometimes lead you astray, it was an awesome concert. It was so awesome my friend, at the time, got so drunk off the $1 cans of National Bohemian beer she fell straight forward on the ground during “Tribulations”, setting the tone for what was to occur after the concert, a drunken shit-show in the parking lot. Still a great night and an incredible performance.

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1/22/10 Redux

Chris Garneau – No More Pirates

The market is down, a lot. I think all the news out there is too much for investors to keep positive. It’s interesting that short term stories, and rather small events, affect the long-run view of nearly everything. The market is entirely volatile.

Anyways, the above songs should help to calm you down, if you happen to open your 401k today… At least we all get to look forward to filing taxes! All the forms should be here by the 31st, and I’ve already started both my and Lesleh’s returns. Although with the way the government has been handing money out to banks and healthcare companies, I wonder if our refund checks will clear..? Fire up the money-prints Geithner!

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Tor – The CN Tower can work it out (Final Fantasy f. Q-Tip)

Drake – Best I Ever Had (matamatics remix)

A couple decent songs to get you until lunch time. I plan on uploading some more music this afternoon. I flexed today and should probably work on a few things around the house, but haven’t gotten to that point yet. I mean the whole reason I have a girlfriend, is so she will pick up after me! (Lucky for me, she doesn’t read this blog 🙂 )

Washington post emailed me today about my article, so we’ll see if it will get published there. I had a friend check the Baltimore Sun, and it didn’t get physically published, it was only put on their website, which was disappointing. Although when you google my name, it’s in the top ten things to pop up. Interesting how google works…

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Check out my link below to read my letter to the editor published on 1/20/10. I don’t live in an area with access to the Baltimore Sun, so I don’t know if it was physically published. I did however get a call from the Maryland Gazette to confirm my identity to publish the letter and have had feedback from the Washington Post. It’s interesting, how in the past I’ve gotten angry about things, but never bothered to sit down and write it all down. The one time I do, and it’s very easy to get your idea or opinion out there.

It’s encouraging to see that you can get your message out there and also to get feedback on it too!

Snow and ice are coming in tonight, however I’m flexing from home tomorrow, so more music will be uploaded. Enjoy below!

Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment (RAC Remix)

The original is better and you can listen to it here, but this is pretty interesting.

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