11-24-10 – Drinksgiving?

So, I left work late and I don’t really know a soul in Houston. I mean I know the people I work with, and I know Lesleh’s family. Long story short, I didn’t go out to a bar tonight. Which is nearly a bigger tradition than Thanksgiving itself. I’m sort of glad, too.

I mean when I did go back home for Thanksgiving, some years I’d skip the holiday altogether and catch a flight to Europe (remarkably, the best deals overseas are Thanksgiving week), and I’d go out to bar where I grew up and where my parents still live (Frederick, MD). It was awkward. All those people I’ve managed to avoid for years somehow all end up in the same bar. Those people that were douchbags in high school, ex-girlfriends (and for good reason), old co-workers, old shitty rommates and people you’ve totally erased from memory.

So, there I am. Surrounded by people I either hate or just don’t care about. I have a beer in my hand, and most likely had several more before going out. It’s just a bad recipe for a terrible night. Depending on my drunkedness, it either started a fight or somehow I’ve promised to keep in touch or made plans with someone tomorrow I genuinely will hate. Sometimes it would result in people you never want to be able to reach you, being able to reach you. You know who those people are. Those people who you were nice to once and they call you everytime they move asking for help or to borrow money for years to come.

Anyways, none of that is happening tonight. I’m staying in. Having a scotch and some beers. I mean I have to go to my in-laws tomorrow. The weather is the only upside, it’s still getting into the 80’s here (during the day), but spending an entire day with people you can’t relate too? I better start preparing what I’m thankful for…

Song below, I think sets the mood.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub)

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