11-26-11 – It’s that time of year…

Two days ago was Thanksgiving. I had woken up early and had heard a diesel engine running nearby outside. I figured it was someone who was warming up their car while they waited for the kids or wife, and left it at that. I went to go get ready for the day and forgot about the noise. About 30 minutes later I realize that same diesel engine is running.

So, I look outside and see an enormous amount of activity. Firetrucks (what was making the diesel engine noise), ambulances, police and yellow ‘Do Not Cross’ tape everywhere. All the activity was centered by our community pool, which jets out into the lake and makes a wash point in Clear Lake.

I immediately think they have found a dead body. I later confirmed this when I asked a neighbor what was going on and he confirmed they found a ‘floater’. To date, people have not released the man’s name or any information about his death.

My immediate thought was it’s a suicide. It’s that time of year, when people get stressed out about work, money, family, etc. It’s that time of year people feel helpless and feel like they can’t do anything to make it better. The days are getting shorter and your body is out of whack. We live near a bridge that crosses Clear Lake from Harris County to Galveston County, and it’s about 80 feet tall. That was my original though.

My second thought is, and this is more sinister, that there are two ketchs (two masted sailboats) anchored out on Clear Lake. Well, there had been two out there for nearly a year. On Thursday, there is only one now. The second ketch is no where to be found. Over the last year, I’ve watched the two men who own each respective boat interact. They seemed to know each other and anchored near one another for nearly a year. I find it strange that one of the boat disappears right as a man’s body is found.

Anyways, that was the beginning to my Thanksgiving. A very sad and somber way to realize what you are truly thankful for.

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