2-12-11 – FTP Server is back up, time for a musical tangent

We all love the GoDaddy commercials, but their actual server uptime is awful. Anyone have any suggestions for a new host? Anyways, here’s more music. Hold on, you’re about to go on a musical tangent.

The Blow, which is now defunct, has this great song. The bass is fun and at least half of the band morphed into YACHT.
The Blow – True Affection
YACHT – It’s Coming to Get You (Eats Tapes Remix)

The Blow makes me sort of think of Phantograms.
Phantograms -When I’m Small

Phantograms makes me think of Phantom Plant, which in turn makes me think of Coconut Records (Phantom Planet was Jason Schwartzman’s band and Coconut Records is Schwartz’s current project).
Coconut Records – West Coast
Phantom Planet – California
Which makes me wonder when Bored To Death is coming back on TV. < / endtangent >

And no relation to anything above. Although, Cold War Kids sort of remind me of Phantom Planet…
Cold War Kids – Mine is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)

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