2-12-11 – I’m feeling giving today

Uploading media is such a pain the ass, but I’ve got the ftp server up, so I might as well keep it blazing away as long as it continues to work properly. It’s always the best when it uploads something and times out at 99%. Anyways, I’m in the process of trying to find software where playlists can be made with the music already on this site, but can be loaded anywhere there is internet access. So for now, keep checking back.

This song drives Lesleh crazy, she says it’s stupid, but I think it reminds me of that song ‘bananny, fo-fanny, fee, fi fo-fanny’ thing that kids do when they’re trying to make fun of something. Either way, The Glitch Mob is incredible, check them out below and on theglitchmob.com. (They did an amazing job compiling a list of The Hype Machine’s 2010 songs of the Year).
Haiku D’etat – Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boreta Remix – The Glitch Mob)

I found this clever mashup/mixup/remix today. It’s remarkably one of the few things I heard recently that’s worth listening to. Hype Machine, why do you continue to mess with your algorithm so increasingly shitty music pushes out the stuff people actually love? You can find more Pretty Lights Track <- there.
Pretty Lights – Jay Z Empire State Of Mind Remix

And the FTP server crashes… What a pain in the ass… I’ll keep trying, I had a few other tracks I wanted to get up.

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