2-12-11 – Music Dump (sort of, it’s only four tracks)

So, I’m just going to do a music dump today. This blog was originally meant to be an exclusive music blog, but I only really like listening to music, not talking (or writing) about it. I’ll try to keep my quips short.

This may be one of my all time favourite songs. It’s raw, loud and grainy. It’s fast, pulsing and destructive. When it comes up on random on my iPhone, I immediately turn the volume way up. I find it’s a great way to help zone out in Houston Traffic.
Klaxons – Atlantis to Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)

It’s been cold in Houston. Way cold. Two Door Cinema’s ‘Something Good Can Work’ reminds me of summer. Then Ted and Francis remixed it and it feels down right tropical.
Two Door Cinema – Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix)

Since Monday is Valentines, I figure a little Cardigan’s Lovefool remix fun couldn’t hurt.
Cardigans – Lovefool (Mr. GASPAR Remix)

So, if you’ve been a hole for the last week you may not know that LCD Soundsystem will be no more after their very last show ever in New York on April 2. I mean James Murphy has been tweeting a storm about shit head scalpers, and then ticketmaster and stubhub issues. Even Aziz Ansari has been helping to build the hype tweeting about the clusterfuck of trying to get tickets to the Madison Square Garden venue.

I’m super lucky I got to see his last performance in Houston back in November (although I didn’t know that at the time).< / cry >
LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrslf Clean (The Slips Remix)

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