2-4-11 – Ice Storm ‘Rita’

$12 for $24 at Niko Niko's

$12 for $24 at Niko Niko's

So the traffic in was awful. My commute started with the onramp/bypass to get onto 45-North being shut down. Then 45-N was shut down at various points, forcing everyone onto the feeder (local) lanes every few miles, only to be put back onto the highway to be forced off. For all the talk we’ve had about this storm coming, and it not being quite as bad as they made sound, Houston was definitely under-prepared.

The only issues in were bridges and raised highways, which luckily is only 75% of all the roads in Houston…

Oh well, I’m here now. Needless to say downtown is abandoned, and a co-worker mentioned it reminded him of Hurrican Rita.

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