2-6-11 – Five Reasons You Want the Packers to Win

Being originally from Maryland, I’ve had to deal with people from Pittsburgh my whole life. If it isn’t the Steelers, then it’s the Pirates. If it isn’t the Pirates it’s the Penguins. Either way, they’ve got too much pride. Actually, anytime they bring up sports you should just ask them how the Pirates are doing (the Pirates may be even worse then the Astros).

Anyways, five reasons you want the Packers to win:

5: Pittsburgh’s largest export (after mustaches and crippling recession) are terrible towels. Please help stop this propagation.

4. Maybe if the Steelers actually lost a Super Bowl, Pittsburghers (I looked it up, that’s a word) would stop moving from the damn place. Leaving their bumper stickers and jackets to shame. They’d be to embarrassed to travel/move down the I-70 corridor.

3. The Packers are a community owned team. Owned by 130,000 individuals in the area where the team plays. An even rarer feat, especially among professional sports, is the team is a co-op and they pledge 60% of any profits back into their community. A very cool model for a football team and it seems to be working!

2. Brett Favre makes all men feel much better about themselves..

1. Little Wayne’s behind the Packers : Lil Wayne – Green & Yellow Freestyle.mp3 Wheezy is recently out of jail, so you don’t to get cut.

BONUS – Early Super Bowl Commericals

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3 thoughts on “2-6-11 – Five Reasons You Want the Packers to Win

  1. They playin’ Lil Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” on the radio, my first time hearin’ it and I’m officially not a Lil Wayne fan anymore.

  2. Lil wayne’s ‘green and yellow’ freestyle got 1,200,000 plays on youtube in 2 days this guy is a problem