2-9-11 – Texas weather freakout – Week 2

So, it’s time for Texans to freak out again. After last week’s clusterfuck of a semi- ice storm, I guess people aren’t taking any chances. Several businesses have closed early due to the slight chance it MAY ice within the next few hours. Ironically, Exxon-Mobile normally closes early due to this kind of stuff. It’s ironic because global freaking (like snow in Houston) wouldn’t occur if it weren’t for their denial of CO2 emissions causes climate change.

I just went outside to check it out, and it’s cold but nothing is falling from the sky. Additionally, it hasn’t been cold for as long as it was last week. I’m guessing I’ll continue to hear about people freaking out over the weather. 🙁

Houston Press’s List of Storm Closings

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