2-9-11 – Verizon iPhone not really a big deal

I guess all the freakout about the iPhone going to Verizon was way over blown. Today is the first day you can buy the new iPhone on Verizon, and from the articles below, it seems it wasn’t all of that big of a deal. There doesn’t seem to be any pent up demand for the phone.

I know a few people who wanted to get the phone from Verizon, and it doesn’t look like they’ll have to wait long either at The Apple Store or at Verizon. I also know a few others who are waiting for their Verizon contracts to expire to jump over to ATT.

I, myself, have ATT and an iPhone and haven’t experienced any of the issues many New Yorkers and San Franciscans have had. It always works, I have dropped calls but no worse than what I remembered with Verizon. The biggest difference I saw when I went from Verizon to ATT, is my bill being lower. I had a few hiccups with the iPhone 3Gs, but Apple resolved them quickly. When I did have issues with my old phone (an LG Chocolate) at Verizon, they made me carry insurance at $8 a month and then pay Verizon $50 for any phone replacement/warranty issues. That’s what pushed me to ATT.

Now I have an awesome phone that does everything I need it to do (and more). I pay less money and ATT and Apple both treat me like a valued customer. I had been with Verizon for nearly 7 years and their customer service was getting increasingly hostile (they’re nearly as bad as Comcast…)

Good luck to all of you who made the switch. I’m sure we’ll see you back on ATT soon!

Also, this commercial now seems a bit ironic…

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3 thoughts on “2-9-11 – Verizon iPhone not really a big deal

  1. Mr. Market apparently is disappointed as well. Apple (AAPL) ended down $3.62 (settled at $354.54) – down over 1%. Verizon (VZ) was down $.26 (settled at $36.42) – down just under 1%, while ATT (T) was up $.27 (settled at 28.24) up almost 1%.

    Not sure how much Egypt played with those numbers, but interesting both Apple and Verizon were down (the only ones to lose by poor sales) while ATT was up (the one to gain from poor sales). Didn’t check to see what Sprint or T-Mobile did, but I’d bet they’re up as well.