8-10-11 – Houston BestFest 2011

Houston Bestfest 2011

So, it had been a pseudo-secret that The Houston Press was working on doing a music festival this year. They’ve been hinted at it off and on for several years (that I’m aware of) and now it’s finally happening! The Houston Press BestFest 2011, is the realization of those rumors.

A few bands have been announced to date. Cake, Deertick, Bun B and Houston’s own Buxton. Sounds like they’ll be adding to that line up as we approach (44 days remain as this is written). The festival is happening September 24 & 25th, rain or shine. Tickets look to be listed at $25 for early birds and will go up to $40 as it approaches (that’s $25 for both days!). VIP tickets can be had for about $90 a piece for both days as well.

Keep track of the announcements and other news here : Bestfest 2011

And, as always I’ll keep you all updated on deals or other news around BestFest 2011.

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