8-11-11 – Late Nite Pie $10 for $20

Late Nite Pie - $10 for $20

Late Nite Pie $10 for $20

For August 11th, 2011 only!!!

From the Houston Press’s Voice Daily Deal website:

Beer can do some funny things to you. After a long night on the bottle, you may wake up the next morning and be confused as to why your most important possessions are missing, your girlfriend won’t speak to you and your clothes are missing. While that sounds like it could turn into a fun scavenger hunt, avoid these less-than-ideal side effects next time by ending your night at Late Nite Pie. This dive-y restaurant features utterly unique pizzas alongside bar games, live music and plenty of beverages to keep the party going. Get the delicious, cheesy sustenance you need to stave off dreaded hangovers with today’s deal of $20 worth of food just $10.

Though you may be thinking of the sweet stuff your aunt bakes every holiday, Late Nite Pie is all about the savory. Serving up a variety of pizza pies with names as bold as the flavors, Late Nite Pie features a chill environment with loud music and an extensive selection of beer and wine. Local favorites include an humorously named, stanky pie with pungent goat cheese, roasted garlic, anchovies and garlic dipping sauce that is sure to snap you out any beer haze as well as the Big Boss with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and spinach. In addition to the tasty New York-style pizzas, Late Nite Pie also serves up a variety of hot sandwiches, appetizers and more.

Now under new management, Late Nite Pie is located at 302 Tuam in Midtown and is open until 3:00 am. Today’s deal is not valid on alcohol. In addition to live music, Late Nite Pie also features old school video games, foosball, pool and karaoke on Thursdays. Whether as the final destination or the destination, Late Nite Pie is the perfect stop as long as you remember to pack some breath mints.

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