8-23-11 Earthquake Update – Lake Anna Nuke Plant Taken off Line

Latest update is that Dominion Power’s Lake Anna Nuke Power plant, just a few miles from the earthquake epicenter in Mineral, VA has been taken offline. Link here. Hopefully, this is standard procedure in order for them to ensure the plant is safe and in operable condition.

I’ll keep updating as I hear from friends and family up north. Also, if you hear of anything, please pass along in the comments section.

UPDATE – Richmond Live new streaming WTVR

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  • Rach, I have family up there , specifically an uncle that works at the Nuke plant at Lake Anna. Telephone lines were down and weren’t able to reach anyone, so everyone was extremely worried. Luckily, it seems everyone was OK. I haven’t heard of any reports of any seriously hurt from the quake.

    Hopefully you and your family are OK as well.