8-23-11 – East Coast Earthquake

I’m in Houston, so this came as a huge surprise when a coworker said there was an earthquake. Long distance lines were jammed, but through sms I was able to find out friends and family were OK. (Story here.)

Areas I’ve heard reports from:

Arlington, Va - Not Felt
Shepherdstown, WVA - Not Felt
Arbutus, MD - Felt, building evacuated
Annapolis, MD - Felt, buildings evacuated
Rockville, MD - Felt, buildings evacuated
Baltimore, MD - Felt
Frederick, MD - Felt 
Washington, DC - Felt, buildings evacuated
New York, NY - - Felt, buildings evacuated (many for the rest of the day)

I’ll update as I get more information, and please keep me posted in the comments sections.

UPDATE: Epicenter of earthquake in Virginia, mere miles from Lake Anna’s Nuclear power reactors.

UPDATE: CNN is updating here.

Lake Anna Nuke Plant taken off line. More info here.

UPDATE – Richmond Live new streaming WTVR

3 thoughts on “8-23-11 – East Coast Earthquake

  1. My co-worker is dumbbbb ! Isaid earthquake near Washington DC & she says “oh yea we are close to Washington huh?” >.<

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  3. Earthquake hits from VA to New York .. what does that tell you about predictions that something wierd is going to happen in 2012..