8-28-11 Dark N Stormy

To keep up my sailing theme today, I’ve decided to share a cocktail recipe I read in Sailing World from June’s Issue. It’s called a ‘Dark N Stormy’ and can be made withe pretty much any dark rum and ginger ale. However, depending on how fancy you are (or the converse how poor you are) you can use any kind of rum or ginger ale. The original recipe is as follows:

Classic Dark N’ Stormy

- Fill highball with ice cubes (about halfway)
- Measure and pour 2 oz Goslings Black Seal Rum
- Top with Barritt's Ginger Bear
- Garnish with lime wedge

Other substitutes are Mount Gay Rum and Vernors Ginger ale. Also, if you can find actual ginger beer, that is beer made with ginger (with alcohol and everything!) you can use that in place of the ginger ale for an added kick! Great for coming back from a warm day on the water.

Sailing World (1-year)

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