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05-30-12 - Groupon Father's Day Email?

Agreed Kimberly, took me a while too. But from the traffic Google is sending for searches of ‘Groupon Father’s Day’, I don’t think I was the only one who thought it was bizarre. Although, from a marketing perspective, they definitely got some attention. So, kudos to Groupon for such a bizarre campaign that seems to be working and getting people to check out their product and site!

01-02-12 Happy New Year!

Hey Kiki!

Never knew I had a blog? Yep, I have a blog. <3

Hope to see you all soon!

12-09-11 Muscle Milk

Wait, you don’t have Google + anymore, but you KEPT Facebook? Lame… <3

12-09-11 Muscle Milk

Yeah, I haven’t seen anyone run by yet with a look of fear on their face – dashing hopelessly to the lady’s room, but I halfway expect too.

09-08-11 - Texas Wildfires

Yep, everything is OK. No threat to where we live and with so many people in the Houston Area, I’m sure they’re staying on top of everything. Worst comes to worst though, we have plenty of insurance for both fire and hurricanes.

8-23-11 Earthquake Update - Lake Anna Nuke Plant Taken off Line

Rach, I have family up there , specifically an uncle that works at the Nuke plant at Lake Anna. Telephone lines were down and weren’t able to reach anyone, so everyone was extremely worried. Luckily, it seems everyone was OK. I haven’t heard of any reports of any seriously hurt from the quake.

Hopefully you and your family are OK as well.

7-11-11 - Bronx is Looking for a New Home!

Unfortunately (fortunately?), he needs a lot of space and a yard. We’ve got space, but not a yard. We’ve had our eye out and will do a rescue at some point, but currently we’re just not home enough to give a new animal the love and attention it would need.

03-01-11 - Charlie Sheen Meltdown (continues)

Other great quotes:

1. “I am on a drug: It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”
2. “I get in trouble for being honest … I’m extremely old-fashioned.”
3. “I was banging seven gram rocks and finishing them. Because that’s how I roll.”
4. “[I’m not bi-polar]. I’m bi-winning. I win here; I win there.”
5. “Dying’s for fools.”
6. “Can’t is the cancer of happen.”
7. “Hey kids, your dad’s a rock star. Look at his experiences. Look at what he survived.”
8. “I’m proud of what I created [referring to his party and drug binges]. It was radical … I exposed people to magic.”

… and my all-time favorite: “The [partying] run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards — all of them — look like droopy-eyed, armless children.”

From “”

Also see the video here: (It’s not embeddable, sorry)

2-28-11 - Meat Heart - Valentine's Fail

It’s a beautiful photo. I’ve never been to Colorado, but if it looks like that I’m definitely going to have to make it out there!

2-15-11 - Free Press Summer Fest III Line-Up Announced

You and your boy toy should come down for it. From co-workers, Summer Fest sounds awesome. It goes all the way until 11pm Sunday Night, so you’d have to take off Monday as well. Think about it. I’ll be up in Maryland, later in June for about ten days, fyi.

2-9-11 - Verizon iPhone not really a big deal

Mr. Market apparently is disappointed as well. Apple (AAPL) ended down $3.62 (settled at $354.54) – down over 1%. Verizon (VZ) was down $.26 (settled at $36.42) – down just under 1%, while ATT (T) was up $.27 (settled at 28.24) up almost 1%.

Not sure how much Egypt played with those numbers, but interesting both Apple and Verizon were down (the only ones to lose by poor sales) while ATT was up (the one to gain from poor sales). Didn’t check to see what Sprint or T-Mobile did, but I’d bet they’re up as well.

1-21-11 Houston Press Deal of the Day

Loving the living social banner ads on this… I think I can guess their targeted keywords.


Get over it. The whole point is to create dialog (which apparently it has). If you can’t get over it, close your comments and hum in the dark to yourself. Better yet avoid the internet all together.


Onesie's, Soup-Nazi at the Movies and Boring Movies.

Thanks Tenni! Pucifier is definitely pretty interesting.


It’s a great track. Honestly, I heard it on an intro to the TV show ‘Numb3rs’ and couldn’t get it out of my head. It took some web sloathing, but I finally found it. It gets heavy rotation on my ipod for sure.

3/14/10 "π"

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking here. Can you clarify?


Agreed, but she does a decent job all around on this one.


Yes it is. They are definitely worth a listen to!


I have only seen Avatar to date. Never made it to the theatre for Robin Hood, however I heard it was sort of a dud.