Caribou – Odessa

Timbaland ft. Katy Perry- If We Ever Meet Again (Chew Fu Deja Chew Fix)

The songs I’m posting today have both been in heavy rotation on my ipod. They both have hypnotic beats and loops. Odessa has especially quirky samples and motifs, that I just love! The Timbaland song is a bit cheesy and no doubt will be overplayed, but the Chew Fu Deja remix allows me to keep some pride, when stating and admitting (on here) I have ever listened to a Timbaland song. Aside, from his ridiculous name, a lot of the stuff he had headlines has been horrible. Terrible mashings with a far to eclectic reach for something that screams to be original, yet fails to do even that, and ends up being mostly bad.

From what I understand he’s an awesome producer, but with songs to his credit like “Lobster & Scrimp” and “Meet in tha Middle”, and albums originally titled “Shock Value” and “Shock Value II” can you really blame me?

So I encourage you to check out this song, as far as I can tell, the title of the track contains no ebonics in the title (if ebonics even still exists, or ever did)!

And for everyone else who ends up here through google image searches of “caribou”, here you go!

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