Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing (Medasyn Dub Remix)

Man, oh, man, what a busy few days. It just seems like I can never get everything done in a single day. My original intent was to post a great song on here everyday. When I had time over the last few days, I just couldn’t find a song I really wanted to post. I guess I could have posted something older, but what’s the fun in that!?

It also seems that it will never stop snowing here in DC. It snowed 6-8 inches Saturday and now it’s snowing again now, with predictions of about 3-6 tonight and we get to look forward to even more snow this coming Saturday. I heard rumors that it could be as much as foot of snow, but can’t seem to confirm that anywhere else. If you love snow and cold weather, come to the nation’s capitol!

I got a nice remix of Lady Sovereign’s “I Got You Dancing” redone Medasyn. It took me about a minute to really get into it, but it’s a relaxing song. The title is a little ironic, cause I find it a great song to listen too while zoning out at work. It gets me pumped just enough to stay awake and keep plugging along, yet not have to get up because it’s making me anxious.


Shameless? Yes, I am:

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    Great superb post bud. I’ve had a blast reading your posts and have found them awesome. Keep up the posting!

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