So we just got A LOT of snow in DC. It’s been called “snowpocalypse”, “snowmageddon” and all sort of things related to Obama (Obaminable Snow, etc). My biggest hope, is that I get off work tomorrow. There is no other reason for it to ever snow, unless I can somehow not have to go out in it!

I take that back, we did go over on Macomb (right off of Connecticut Ave) to the Washington International School. There is a huge hill there, and even with the lid to the top of some of storage bins we were able to get some decent sledding in. In addition, it is fun to push people into the snowdrifts. I’ve only pushed people I actually know, but if it’s anything like the December Storm and how people shared the sidewalk, I might have to start doing it to strangers too!

We also got to build the snowmen above. They seemed to be a big hit with the neighborhood. The one on the left looks like one of the character’s in Monster’s, Inc. The snow is much wetter then the December storm, yet it didn’t really pack very well. It’s very heavy and I actually woke up yesterday morning at 6:30 due to snow accumulation on our roof crashing down. I’m still a bit worried about it, as the heat in our building goes up and heats everything, more will continue to crash down.

So fingers crossed, no work for anybody tomorrow!

Here’s a song, that sort of reminds me of fourth grade. Remember when the big thing in elementary school was to make those farting noises with your hand and armpit? I’m pretty sure that’s how they got that noise on the track. It also sounds like an 80’s redo, I just can’t put a finger on what track is actually is a redo of. Anyone else have an idea where the samples are from?

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp (Alan Wilkis Remix)

Shameless? Yes, I am:

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