I guess Tai-Shan got the hell out of D.C. just in time! With 25+ inches of snow on the ground now and forecasts of another storm dropping 8-10+ more tomorrow, China is looking pretty good!

Here’s a mashup by White Panda to tie that together a bit more!

The White Panda – Throw Some Tik On That Tok (Ke$ha vs Rich Boy) (Stella Edit)

I have off today, and had planned on sleeping in this morning, however my grandmother thought she’d call at 7:20am to see if I was still alive.. So I’ve been up since 7:20, snowed in. All the TV seems to talk about is the snow, and it’s gotten a bit old. Although, I can always look out the window and watch people work to shovel their cars out, and become more disillusioned, leading them to eventually abandon any hope of getting their car out.

If I do have work tomorrow, I hope the Metro is working on above-ground stations, otherwise the commute is going to be impossible.

UPDATE: No work tomorrow, and the weathermen are calling for another 10-20 inches to fall starting at noon tomorrow…

Shameless? Yes, I am:

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