So I’ve kept my promise. I’m posting again! Apparently the Olympics will continue forever! However, Apolo Ohno seems to be at an end with last I saw eight medals for his Olympic career. Not to bad and I’ve got to say I sure like him a whole hell of a lot more than Michael Phelps. Who, interestingly enough, I went to high school with in Baltimore at Towson High. Phelps graduated in ’03 and I graduated in ’01. At the time he was tearing up the Maryland All-State tournaments and he was a real prick about that. I can only imagine how Phelps is now with all his gold medals.

Anyways, in addition to keeping my promise, I also have had an epiphany. I’ve been looking to launch a website and my brilliant idea is: KeepUpWithTheJones.es. I have to say, I feel very clever for being the first to come up with the site and incorporating the country code “.es” in the site. I’ve had a few other ideas, but I couldn’t relate them back to a marketable idea.

I’m working on the site as we speak, polishing up on my HTML skills, but I would like to get it to be a hub for users for; personal finance, money management and investing.

And now for the reason you’ve probably come here:

The White Panda – Got Some Stratosphere

See you all in a few days!

Shameless? Yes, I am:

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