I guess being an econ major I should understand the work/leisure trade off. I think I have a very high leisure requirement, or at least a very high requisite in monetary terms to trade my leisure for work. Although, during the snow storm(s) that hit in February (now known as Snow-mageddon and Snow-over Kill), I found myself wanting to get to work. I guess being stuck in the house with my girlfriend for days straight, just isn’t what I’m thinking of as “leisure”.

I was almost to the point, of just going into to work, even if it was closed. And my job is boring, like real boring. I think if you asked people what the most boring job in the world is, they’d have some sort of answer. And then when I told them what I do, they would change their answer to my job. I audit inheritance taxes for the State of Maryland. I mean that doesn’t even faintly sound interesting, nor would you ever want to ever talk about it with me, yet after a week of being stuck in the house, I was ready to go back!

Anyways, it’s a few weeks later and I’m feeling the need for more leisure time again! The song below is only vaguely related. I have to say, that the songs are old. The Knife, has since formed into some weird opera band in some Nordic country. Ratatat has moved on to doing exclusively remixes of shitty rappers like Kanye West and Kid Cudi (who even a month ago I was into, but I have now been completely exhausted by his overhype). An interesting mashup none-the-less.

Ratatat – We Share Our Mother’s Health (remix of The Knife)

Here’s another, just for kicks! (may have been previously posted, but still a great mashup!)
José González Vs. The Knife – Heartbeats (Remix)

Shameless? Yes, I am:

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