Norway meets New Orleans

GQ interview

From Hot Boys to Wheezy, Lil Wayne has been unstoppable recently. He has a keen ear for interesting beats that are more then just auto-tuned voices slapped on top of a generic Casio loop. I mean even Barack Obama has alluded to him in several speeches, comparing him with the likes of Lebron James within his respective field.

Lil Wayne also doesn’t limit himself to who he collaborates with. If he hears a good beat, you might just hear it on his next mixtape. Which in itself is refreshing to see an artist with his popularity still working on making music because it’s fun, not because he wants to sell it to you.

The instrumental is from the title track of Royksopp’s “Junior” album, “Happy up here”. Like most of the Northern Euorpean bands that have made it to the US, it’s hard to put your finger on what you like so much about the music. It’s poppy, it’s electronic and catchy. Yet the lyrics are normally morose and maybe a bit depressing once you’ve processed them. Either way this pair up is remarkable.


The Hood Internet – Comfortable Up Here (Lil Wayne vs Royksopp)

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