Ok, so I’m going to post and write about Crystal Castles today. I don’t think they get enough recognition. Whenever I hear their tracks I’m dancing, singing and throwing my arms in the air like a blacklady at pentecostal church. I ran into them a few years ago, when I was on a severe 8-bit binge, and their stuff although chaotic, repetitive and sometimes entropic really gets me going.

The underlying beats and bass will make you fidgety, and anxious. Exactly what I look for in music. I mean I have tracks I listen to when I go jogging, or when I’m trying to get something done. These are not those tracks. If you’re listening to Crystal Castles, you are really LISTENING to Crystal Castles.

Crystal Castles – Air War

Crystal Castles – Alice Practice

Uffie – Make it Hott (Crystal Castles Remix)

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