3-27-10 Part Two

Got a fun email from a nice girl named Lucia promoting the band “We Are Like the Spider“. I listened to a few of the tracks and I have to say my favorite is “Lightning Garden”. It starts out funky, with this odd collection of clinks and clacks building up until you have this Marilyn Manson-esque whispering in your ears. Don’t worry no one’s creeping up behind you, it’s just the beat sneaking in.

The whispering was initially off-putting, like a creepier Marilyn Manson (if that’s possible), however it reminds me a little bit of The Knife, which I truly love. I kept with the track and you’ll be happy if you do as well as it gains some balance towards the middle with the synth. All in all, a nice attempt that I’ll definitely add to my track rotation. If you want more info on them, check them out HERE .

We Are Like The Spider – Lightning Garden

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